It has been announced that the next generation version of GTA 5 has been delayed

The next generation version of GTA 5, whose release date was announced as November 11, 2021, was delayed to 2022 with a video shown at the PlayStation event.

Legendary game of Rockstar Games GTA 5The in-development of the next-gen version has been delayed to March 2022. While the announcement was made during the exciting PlayStation event; It is stated that the game will be released in March 2022 instead of November 11, 2021 as planned. The renewed version of GTA 5, which is almost eight years old; It has also been revealed with a new trailer that it will include features such as advanced graphics, enhanced gameplay and uninterrupted character switching.

It has been announced that the next generation version of GTA 5 has been delayed

gta 5 new generation While the delay for its release doesn’t seem like much for the game to be released for the third time on the console side – it’s coming to PlayStation 3, 4 and soon PlayStation 5 – it could mean that GTA 6 is even further away than we could have imagined.

Although it has been played by millions of people and has sold more than 100 million copies since its release, the next generation version of GTA 5 will definitely be popular. The production, which manages to enter the ‘Best Seller’ list every year, is released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in a renewed form; While it looks like it will continue to break new records, the new features will be loved by the players.

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