Lossless audio over Bluetooth has become a reality thanks to Qualcomm

processor giant Qualcomm Lossless audio over Bluetooth has become a reality. Firm strong in 2022 with “aptX Lossless” is coming.

to all the details here the Apple Music service we featured recently lossless music/audio support has arrived. Apple stated that more than 75 million songs can be listened to in high quality without loss, that is, without compression.

However, due to technical limitations AirPods Max No Bluetooth headset, including AAC format, went above 256 kbps. In other words, the sound quality of these models did not change in wireless use. People needed wired headphones for maximum quality.

You can even have an external iPhone-specific interface for High Definition Lossless transfer of contacts. DAC unit Had to use it. That’s it Bluetooth fundamental situation will no longer be a problem in the future. At least on the Android side Qualcomm thanks to aptX Lossless It will raise the bar in sound quality.

Thanks to AptX Lossless, CD quality 16-bit, 44.1 kHz music can be enjoyed over Bluetooth. This will require both software and hardware support.


Qualcomm aptX Lossless lossless audio products will arrive in 2022

with the new format aptX (352kbps) and aptX HD Qualcomm, which will come out with a maximum bandwidth of 1 Mbps on (576kbps), will also surpass Sony’s LDAC of 990 kbps here.

It has not yet been announced which companies will be the first to support this system with a headset or smartphone. However, 2022 seems to be a much better year for almost everyone, especially audiophiles, who want high quality in wireless headphones.

As you know, there are many services that transfer high quality music now. Focused on lossless high-quality music in the coming period, although it will be delayed a lot Spotify HiFi The package is also coming.

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