Maximum security from EA for Battlefield 2042 beta

During the Battlefield 2042 beta, EA can ban anyone who leaks any information about the production when the game is released under the NDA.

Battlefield 2042 closed beta runs from August 12-15. However, EA seems to hold the strings very tight for its new game, which is scheduled to be released in October. So much so that players accepted into the beta NDA By signing, they admit that they cannot leak the slightest image or even information about the beta process. It is stated that Electronic Arts can permanently ban players who break this contract when the game is released.

Battlefield 2042 beta behind ‘closed’ doors

Some players ignored this contract and made some minor leaks about the gameplay elements of Battlefield 2042. EA stated that players who try to leak information from the game are likely to be permanently banned when the production is released. The incident flared up after EA’s official Battlefield trailer released a few days ago, followed by small leaks that fell back to back on the internet.

Battlefield 2042 beta Following the release of the first official video about the beta, players who tested the beta began uploading or posting footage of this early-stage version. Although EA manages to quickly remove images uploaded to the Internet, it is not possible to completely clean the Internet.

Upon these events, Electronic Arts yesterday reminded that anyone who leaks information from the game is likely to be punished under the NDA. Then, EA Studios Europe Community Manager Adam Freeman made official posts about the game on Twitter. found.

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