Modern Warfare 2 may come out next year

The claim that Call Of Duty of 2022 will be a remake of Modern Warfare 2 came from Tom Henderson, who is famous for his predictions about new upcoming games.

Next year’s Call Of Duty bombshell could be the sequel to Modern Warfare remade in 2019. This is a claim that also fits with the tradition of releasing games every year for Activision-Blizzard’s three brands under the COD name. Black Ops-Cold War came in 2020, and Call of Duty: Vanguard will be released on November 5 this year. In that case, Modern Warfare 2 in 2022 doesn’t seem too far off.

Project Cortez could be the codename for Modern Warfare 2.

The prediction that 2022 will come with the new Modern Warfare game came from Tom Henderson, who is famous for his predictions. In his post on Twitter, Henderson claimed that the Call Of Duty: 2022 project was hidden under the name Project Cortez and that the game to be released would be the continuation of Modern Warfare 2019.

There is also an article supporting the claim that the 2022 COD game will be the sequel to Modern Warfare. VGCPublished in. According to the article in question, in the story of the new Call Of Duty game, we will lead “a unit of the American Special Forces while conducting a covert operation against the Colombian drug cartels”.

If the aforementioned Modern Warfare 2 remake turns out to be true, it is a matter of curiosity whether the episode in which we manage the terrorists who attacked the airport, famous in the original game, will be in the game in today’s environment.

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