Motocross legend crossed the Bosphorus on his motorcycle from the water

world famous Australian motocross legend Robbie Madison, crossing the sea from Europe to Asia on his motorcycle, put his signature under an extraordinary show in the Bosphorus.

Maddison started from the platform prepared in Ortaköy Square with his special motorcycle that he designed. Disregarding the current of the Bosphorus, he reached Beylerbeyi in 1.5 minutes on his motorcycle, which he rode at a speed of 70 km per hour.

Then he took off from Beylerbeyi and returned the way he went in 1.5 minutes. This magnificent performance took a total of 3 minutes round trip. A team of 150 people worked with a special naval operation for the performance of Robbie Maddison, who went from Europe to Asia in a short time.

The Bosphorus was closed to maritime traffic after obtaining all necessary permits for Maddison’s exciting performance. Maddison’s performance was recorded by a camera crew of 20 and a total of four drones, two of which were FPV drones used in extreme sports.

Two special ramps were designed using completely recycled materials for Robbie Maddison’s special motorcycle, which has numerous records in his career, and were installed in Ortaköy Square and Beylerbeyi Park.


Statement from motocross legend Maddison

Madison, “I am very excited to ride my motorcycle intercontinental for the first time in the deep currents and waters of the Bosphorus. The Bosphorus is one of the canals with the heaviest traffic in the world. All kinds of sea vehicles have passed through the Bosphorus waters of Istanbul, but not a motorcycle.

Today we challenged the limits with Algida Big Bold. We spent months preparing and fearlessly researching how we could do it. We have written our name under a big and remarkable story. In exactly one minute, I passed from Europe to Asia, accompanied by seagulls and before my Big Bold ice cream melted over the waters of the Bosphorus.

I will never forget the pleasure of this performance in the Bosphorus, where the current reaches 13 miles from time to time. My total performance took 3 minutes. However, my performance is the result of 1 year of work. For this reason, I can say that it is 1 year and 3 minutes.” said.

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