NASA freezes SpaceX’s work over Blue Origin complaint

NASA, chose SpaceX for the Artemis mission, which did not please Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin. One step has come in this regard.

to remember NASA, wants to take humans / astronauts to the moon again, and for this, Elon Musk SpaceXto your He signed a contract worth $2.9 billion.

As part of the Artemis mission, the world’s richest person, who surpassed Amazon’s owner Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin and won the contract. SpaceX, net will no longer be able to work for the task.

Because in the past months Jeff Bezos and space company Blue Origin He did not accept this situation and took a protest first and then a legal court step.

Actually in the process NASA He’s had to take a step back before. In addition to Blue Origin Dynamics When the company protested the process, the official institution gave the contract to SpaceX. had frozen. That’s what NASA did to SpaceX in the process at the time. told him to stop work temporarily had been transferred.

Now, when the process gets legally serious SpaceX’s work has been definitively halted until November 1. This was the second suspension decision. Behind this voluntary move by NASA is the desire to end the legal process in a clean manner and to ensure a smooth working environment for the future.


Why doesn’t Blue Origin want the NASA mission to go only to SpaceX?

This situation Blue Originvery riskysees as ”. For this decision, the firm “NASA’s decision eliminates competitive opportunities, significantly shrinks its supply base, and jeopardizes America’s return to the Moon.” makes a statement.

It is not known how this process will end, and Blue Origin’s effort to take part in the process does not seem realistic for now.

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