Netflix releases anticipated Michael Schumacher documentary

One of the legendary names of the Formula 1 world Michael Schumacher intriguing for Netflix documentary took its place on the platform.

We’ve said this before. Michael Schumacher We think its name, but no one can say that they have never heard of it before, but let’s remind it briefly. Schumacher is a 7-time world champion German Formula 1 driver who is considered one of the best in the field.

The legendary pilot, who has an incredible racing career with the Ferrari Formula 1 team, is not exactly with us right now because he is struggling for life after a skiing accident.

Schumacher, who was never seen after the accident, that is, his latest status is unknown to anyone except his relatives, was honored by Netflix with the documentary you see above.

Official page here located directly “Schumacher” The documentary is 1 hour 52 minutes long and can be watched on September 15, that is, today. The company says the following about the documentary:

“This documentary offers an intimate portrait of seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher, with exclusive interviews and archival footage.”

By the way, let me add it as additional information. Michael Schumacher not on the tracks but his son Mick Schumacher He is currently an active racing F1 driver.


While the Michael Schumacher documentary is very curious, Netflix gathers a large audience for the world of Formula 1

Behind this too Netflix show Drive To Survive is located. The pinnacle of motorsport Formula 1 The show, which was highly appreciated by its fans, has now reached its third season.

The production, which reveals the political background of Formula 1, which is not normally seen, in a way, also deals with the personal lives of the racing drivers.

Showcasing what young pilots in particular go through in this incredibly competitive sport. Drive To Survive, generally very popular. Drive To Survive A new season will arrive in 2022. Netflix officially announced this last month.

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