New Skoda Fabia; Important details of the versions to be released

The New Skoda Fabia, which is equipped with almost class-leading weapons, will try to expand its audience with different versions.

Perhaps more ambitious than ever before in the B segment with the new Fabia, Skoda now focuses on the sales stages after the production process started in July. The fourth generation Fabia, whose adventure will begin in Europe, brings with it many features that are first in its segment. Getting ready to stay ahead of its competitors with its efficiency line, the New Skoda Fabia will try to increase its user base with different versions. While there is still a considerable time period for the Combi version, which will join the family in 2023, the options that can be preferred with the start of sales of the vehicle are also on the lists. We’ll see.

New Skoda Fabia First Edition; special badge for the first examples of the new generation

With the start of Fabia’s sales, Skoda is preparing to introduce a package called “First Edition” to users in limited quantities. Developed on the Style equipment level, some options will be offered as standard in the Fabia First Edition, creating a richer combination. The model, which will be offered for sale in two different versions of the 1.0-liter gasoline engine with 95 and 110 hp, will be able to be distinguished by the special color option and the black roof and mirrors, different from the body color. In the standard equipment list of the version; 17-inch wheels, full-LED lighting group, eg-rear parking sensors, 10.25-inch digital driver screen and 8-inch multimedia screen stand out.


The new Skoda Fabia comes with a suspension system and package combination that offers two different driving characteristics.

One of the most striking points of the new Fabia is that different options will be offered in terms of chassis and suspension. In the performance-oriented formula, the height of the car is lowered by 15 millimeters compared to the standard version, to the limits that can respond to a more reactive and sporty driving. The package that Skoda calls “Rough-Road” opens the doors to the light terrain-oriented experience we see in the Hyundai i20 and Ford Fiesta Active examples, in a sense. In this version, using a completely different suspension and spring system, Skoda will also include extra protection in the lower part of the vehicle. With the “Rough-Road” package, Fabia’s ground clearance will be increased by 15 millimeters this time.


With the fourth generation, Fabia’s cockpit is also upgrading

Along with the new generation, Skoda also strengthens its hand in the interior of the Fabia. Thanks to the increased dimensions, the car, which has become a luggage volume of 380 liters, is waiting for us in a struggle where it takes the class leadership. Parallel to these increases, which will bring a more spacious user experience in the living area, the panoramic glass roof offered in the new Fabia will greatly affect the standards of users sitting at the back. When we look at the design of the cockpit, we see that Skoda has successfully played with the details. Many details such as door handles, ventilation outlets, console placement, rear armrest, reading lights and ambient lighting are among the parts that give pleasure. Alongside the 10.25 inch digital driver screen, the multimedia screen rising to 9.25 inches at the top will bring the standards we are used to from the top models of the family to Fabia. You can find all the details of the fourth generation Fabia family in our news.

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