No Time To Die latest trailer released

The latest trailer for No Time To Die has been released. The delayed release of the 007 legend gives the feeling of Daniel Craig’s farewell movie.

The last No Time To Die trailer was given to the fans of the series for the James Bond movie, which was delayed due to the pandemic. A farewell to Daniel Craig’s James Bond can be felt in the 007: No Time To Die trailer.

In the No Time Die trailer, which will be the 25th film in the James Bond series and the 5th -and last- film by Daniel Craig, it can be felt that Craig is preparing a farewell to his Bond.

Latest No Time To Die trailer gives off epic finale vibes

In the trailer, the phrase “Nothing can prepare you for this epic finale” is shown in parts within the video. It is emphasized that every mission and every sacrifice that Bond performs prepares us for this “epic finale”.

In the production, which will take place 5 years after the previous movie of the series, Specter, Bond will take over the job again after CIA agent Felix Leiter asks for help. Bond’s “I realize that 007s don’t have a long life” is another clue that hints that it might be the last time we see Craig as Bond.

The 25th film of the James Bond series will be released in Turkey on October 1, 2021, by releasing 2 years late due to the pandemic.

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