Nobel 500; American pickup design of the 50s combined with electricity

Nobe 500, which is the biggest weapon of the Estonia-based brand in making its name known globally, will be one of the most interesting projects of 2022.

Electric models, whose numbers are increasing day by day, have already started to form their own segments. In the light of fashion, which resurrects classic car designs, a new name comes more assertively from Estonia to the examples that make us experience the second spring. Nobe, which started to make its name known with the 100GT model that it introduced in 2018, wants to say “hello” with a project that will be remembered in the electric pickup market. The Nobe 500, which is announced to be introduced with its end-user ready dynamics in the next year, does not seem to have much difficulty in becoming the new star of the roads with America’s classic pickup lines.


Expectations on the table for the Nobel 500

All details of the Nobe 500, which has attracted great attention with its design lines from the first generations of the Ford F-Series, have not been disclosed at this stage. This adventure of obscurity, including cockpit visuals, is expected to be eliminated in the summer of 2022. In the infrastructure of the vehicle, it will not be surprising to see traces of the unit in the brand’s first model, the 100GT. Compared to the 100GT, which uses a compact electric motor that produces about 100 horsepower, we can see slightly higher data at this point. The 25 kWh battery pack is also among the less likely parts. This package introduces the 100GT model to users as a vehicle that can travel approximately 260 kilometers. A serious towing capacity is not expected from the Nobe 500, which is more described as a mini pickup due to its size.


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