Notable new electric bike from Ruff Cycles: “Biggie”

Electric bike one of the prominent companies in the market Ruff Cycles, this time we biggie with the model named exists.

Electric bike newest member of the market Ruff Cycles Biggie, As you can see, it has a retro line in a simple body. The product, which has a wide saddle and creates the impression that it can easily carry two people, positions the battery pack right under the saddle.

Bosch The company, which positions the signed battery pack really well, offers people here. 300Wh or 500Wh gives you the opportunity to choose between its capabilities. The electric motor of the bike is located in the middle and here Bosch ActiveLine or Bosch Performance CX Line options are available.

Both electric motors 250W power and within legal limits. 25km/h It does not allow to exceed the speed -under normal conditions-. However, it should be noted that there is a serious torque difference between the two engines.

Bosch ActiveLine 40Nm, the Bosch Performance CX Line is fully 85Nm offers torque. Torque value makes a big difference under load and especially when going uphill.


Ruff Cycles Biggie electric bike for city use

The bike, which does not have suspensions but promises a comfortable ride with its saddle and wide tires, brings with it built-in lighting and disc brakes as you can see.

With different body color options Ruff Cycles Biggie electric bike, goes on sale next year and its price is specific to Europe. 3,399 euros is intended to be. At this price, the bike appeals to a very limited audience.

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