Nvidia does not agree with God Of War PC version claims

Nvidia stated that the claims of the God Of War PC adaptation and Half Life 2 Remastered, which were allegedly “leaked” a few days ago, do not reflect the truth.

Claims that the God Of War PC adaptation is being developed do not reflect the truth, according to Nvidia. The company also claimed to be in the database. Half-Life 2 remasteredHe stated that “leakage” or suspicion should be approached. Recently, God Of War was spotted in the Geforce Now database, which led to the expectation that one of the strongest brands of Playstation would come to the PC platform.

God Of War PC leak may have been misunderstood

According to Nvidia, the game names in the Geforce database are nicknames used for “internal monitoring and testing” processes. Developer Ighor July managed to access the Nvidia database and then shared what he found with other people. July states that he reported the vulnerability to Nvidia before publishing what he found, but received no response.

In a statement on the subject, Nvidia stated that they are aware of this unofficial game list and that these names are given for testing purposes only. Nvidia stated that the mention of a specific game in the aforementioned list does not mean that the game is announced or its release is approved. According to a post shared on Reddit, the list includes “games” such as Resident Evil 4 Remake, Titanfall 3, Monster Hunter 6.

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