Opel Astra prices; discount of up to 40 thousand TL at the entry level

The Opel Astra K family, whose stocks continue to decrease, is included in the SCT regulation through the entry version, while other versions have increased.

Opel Astra, which has few days left for the global launch of its new generation, continues to be offered for sale with the “K” generation on the lists in Turkey. The lists, whose diversity is decreasing day by day on a version basis, performed similarly in August as well. With the SCT tax regulation announced this month, the Astra product range, where a discount of 40 thousand TL is observed in the entry-level package, while the other members of the family are striking. We are in front of us with a hardware combination that we saw increased by 10 thousand TL compared to June.


Opel Astra price list

of the brand official sources The figures shared by the company for the month of August are as follows;

1.2 145 HP GASOLINE MT6 EDITION – 241,900 TL
1.4 145 HP GASOLINE CVT – 323.900 TL
1.5 122 HP DIESEL AT9 – Edition – 339.900 TL
1.5 122 HP DIESEL AT9 – Elegance – 374.900 TL


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