Oppo launches Renovators 2021 project


According to the company statement, Oppo Renovators 2021 aims to be a worldwide competition, as well as a platform where young creators can boldly imagine the future with art and technology. With the Renovators program, Oppo will create an active community where emerging artists can seek guidance and inspiration from renowned artists, showcase their work internationally, and access once-in-a-lifetime career opportunities.

William Liu, Oppo Vice President and Head of Global Marketing, said: “Always believing in the power of the young generation, Oppo wants the world to witness the excellence of creative young artists. We believe that the inspiration that will change the world will come from the youth. Doing everything we can to encourage this creative thinking. we want.” used his statements.

The theme of this year’s Renovators program will be “light”. Light, which is the energy source of the earth and an important part of life, is used to symbolize expressions of positivity such as love and hope. With the warmth and illumination of light, Oppo aims to create a sense of calmness and optimism by encouraging young creators to push the boundaries of art and unleash their creativity.


There are two categories of competition

Organized with the theme of light, Oppo Renovators 2021 has two competition categories: “Art Tech” and “Art Toy”. In addition, there is a “Portrait Shooting” category targeting design enthusiasts. In the Art Tech category, young talents can freely explore the coexisting art and technology. In the Art Toy category, artists are invited to imagine their own approach to Ollie, Oppo’s mascot. In Portrait Shooting, participants can present their own fascinating personal stories told through portrait photos or videos.

Oppo Renovators 2021 will leverage Oppo’s global resources to help the program’s talented artists thrive. The artworks selected for Oppo Renovators 2021 will have the opportunity to be showcased at worldwide exhibitions and online platforms such as the London Design Festival and Dubai World Expo. In addition, young designers participating in Oppo Renovators 2021 will have the chance to become contracted Oppo designers, where job opportunities can be found to bring their creative ideas to life.

Oppo Renovators 2021 is organized not only in cooperation with the best art and design institutions in the world, but also with the support of famous artists and designers who make up the jury panel. Notable names include international designer Kashiwa Sato, one of the founders of video art, audio-visual artist Ryoichi Kurokawa and brand consultant Tommy Li.


For more information about Oppo Renovators 2021, you can visit “https://campus.oppo.com/en/”.

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