Photos from the world’s first qualified cockpit for Hyundai Casper

Hyundai Casper, which attracts great attention with its design character, will also increase its mass with its cockpit shaped on usability.

The Mini segment model Casper, which Hyundai introduced about two weeks ago, succeeded in making a big impact especially with its design dynamics. We know that the model launched by the brand in South Korea already has the potential to see a very serious demand in the European market. At the first stage, Hyundai Casper, which has only visual details about its exterior design, seems to conquer many people’s hearts with new photos from its cockpit. It is emphasized that four people can travel comfortably in the interior living area, which emphasizes that the vehicle offers a high level of usability despite its compact dimensions, with the foldable driver’s seat, which was launched for the first time in the world by Hyundai. The fact that Casper’s driver’s seat can be folded is a great advantage in evaluating the vehicle as a mini caravan for small trips. will provide.


Ioniq 5 tracks in the Hyundai Casper cockpit

When we look at the shared images, we are inspired by the newest electric model of the Hyundai product range, the Ioniq 5, on the driver’s side. In the console, where the steering wheel is directly integrated via the Ioniq 5, we can clearly see the dynamics of the digital driver display and the multimedia display. Here, the multimedia screen comes in a size of 8 inches, while the driver screen is 4.2 inches in the upper packages. The layout in the gear section of Casper, where the automatic gear option is also offered, is also offered to the users in this context.

We learned in the introduction two weeks ago that Casper’s dimensional data are 3,595 millimeters long, 1,595 millimeters wide, 1,575 millimeters high and 2,400 millimeters wheelbase. In the new information coming for this part with the interior living area, we see that the rear seats can be slid forward or back by 160 millimeters, thus gaining extra luggage space or legroom as needed. The fact that Casper offers luggage space that can show flexibility up to 301 liters in standards where the rear seats are brought closer to the front section is among the details that will please the users.

Hyundai Casper winks at the upper segment with its technological support

The Hyundai front prefers to arm its hand with very generous guns when it comes to Casper’s safety and driving assistance systems. In the car where seven airbags are offered as standard in all versions; Functional features such as foreground collision assist, lane keeping assist, intelligent cruise control and blind spot warning are also included in the list.


Sharing its infrastructure with i10 and Picanto, Casper’s engine options are parallel to these models. At the entry level of all three-cylinder engines, the 1.0-liter atmospheric engine comes with 75 horsepower. With the turbo support of the same engine, it has a performance that increases up to 100 hp. On the transmission side, it will be on the 5-speed manual and automatic lists. The starting price for Casper in South Korea is now officially $11,800. This figure can be flexible up to $16,000 in higher versions.

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