Players want Turkish language support for New World

For Amazon’s new MMORPG game New World, which is expected by a very large player base, players demand Turkish language support.

Until this time, who entered the game world with quite a large amount of money; but the Amazon side, which always faces disappointment, seems determined to take a solid step into the game world. The new release date of Amazon’s new MMORPG game New World, which has been delayed three times in total since its announcement, was announced as September 28, 2021. The production, which has undergone a really successful beta process, is also very popular with Turkish players (We have a special interest in the MMO genre in general). Some Turkish game lovers, before the game, Turkish language support They have created a thread on New World’s Steam forum for it to be added. The topic, which has become popular with more than 800 comments and more than 100 awards on Steam, is waiting for our support.

Players want Turkish language support for New World

After the turbulent adventure of the Amazon side in the game world, New World, which is seen as the game that will lead to victory, aims to achieve victory for Turkish players. The team, which started the issue of Turkish language support request, gives an example that the Russians also opened a topic for this purpose in 2020, and they started working on behalf of Russian language support with great interest. Players who request Turkish language support for New World, which will be one of the biggest productions of Amazon, want to make their voices heard by more people. The fact that the MMO game genre is quite widespread in our country and has a high number of players is one of the most important factors in the journey to Turkish language support. After the beta process, which is liked by the players, the production is expected to become one of the most famous MMO games after its release.

As Turkish players, we can say that we have been quite successful in this kind of survey or solidarity. The last time we experienced such a situation on the Disco Elysium side, we left all the votes behind and won the language support survey. Although the survey we won at Disco Elysium had ironic results and still no action, we sincerely believe that if we receive such a promise from Amazon, they will certainly fulfill it and we will have Turkish language support for New World. New World’s launch on Steam Turkish language support You can find the topic here.

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