PowerLink will transport electricity between Australia and Singapore

There have been remarkable steps taken in the field of clean energy recently. However, no PowerLink project as big as was not.

PowerLink project, when it opened in 2027 Australia with Singapore will transfer clean energy between For this, a total of 4,200 km of submarine cable lines will be laid and the electricity produced and stored in Australia will be transported to Singapore via this cable and stored there.

Full This huge project of 22 billion dollarsseriously astonishing from every angle. of this project clean energy part of it, of course, comes from the production method of electricity.

Directly transferring electricity Australia The future is being transferred from the solar energy farms based in Turkey. Huge farms are planned for this purpose.

Of course, such a big project has a huge impact on the environment. of the PowerLink project It is stated that it will provide a serious reduction in emissions as much as removing 2.5 million cars from traffic. This looks really great for the future too.

No space for large solar farms Singapore with very large flat areas and plenty of sun Australia This study is also in the position of a great demonstration for the future and is thought to be an example for many countries.


While PowerLink is really surprising, how is Turkey in terms of clean energy?

To go over the latest information again Turkey There has been great progress in clean energy production, especially on the wind side. There are currently an incredible number of giant windmills in Turkey. In fact, according to the latest reports, global wind power capacity has reached 744 gigawatts, an increase of 93 gigawatts last year.

According to the calculations, Turkey added 1,249 megawatts of wind power to the system last year, increasing its installed wind capacity to 9,305 megawatts. In Turkey, of course, steps are taken in the field of solar energy.

One of the most pleasing parts here is that individual solar energy systems are on the rise. It is seen that especially those who own detached houses equip their homes in a way that they can obtain electricity from the sun as never before.

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