Pre-new generation birthday party; Opel Astra 30 years old

Opel Astra, which is preparing to hit the road with its sixth generation, is among the symbols of the automobile world with its 30-year interesting adventure.

Opel Astra, which is preparing to transition to the sixth generation in 2022, continues on its way as one of the most established names in its segment. Astra, which started its adventure in 1991 as the leading representative of the period change in the post-Kaldett brand, now leaves 30 years behind. In its Astra adventure from the past to the present, Opel puts its signature under various successes and innovations. In this story, which extends from the Intelli-Lux LED® Matrix headlights in the luxury and premium segments to the ergonomic front seats certified by AGR (Healthy Backs Campaign), the sales success of each new generation offered for sale draws attention. Astra, which has achieved success with its 5 generations from the past to the present, aims to reach 15 million sales figures with its F and K generations. succeeded.


Opel Astra; Highlights from 30 years of adventure

As we have just mentioned, Astra was also the pioneer of change at Opel. The model, which was Opel’s answer to this transformation felt in all brands in the early 90s, would become the symbol of this change and the new model hit the road with the name Astra. The Astra name is derived from its British cousin, the Vauxhall Astra, which was the early name of Vauxhall Motors’ Opel Kadett model. At the time, the Astra was noted for its numerous newly developed safety systems, such as front seat belt tensioners. This new model, internally referred to as the Astra F, also had environmental compatibility with a high level of recycling, an important step for those years in the use of raw materials. Produced around 4.13 million units between 1991 and 1997, the Opel Astra F is Opel’s best-selling model to date.

Wanting to continue its success in the Astra F, Opel therefore stepped out of its own world while taking action for the next generation. Opel, who managed to draw attention by designing the Astra G with the help of the movie “Jurassic Park”, allowed the design and development team of the vehicle to work on the new model in a three-dimensional environment. Astra H, on the other hand, broke records in 2003. Reputable German automobile magazine “auto motor und sport” asked its readers which compact car they liked the most at the Frankfurt Motor Show, at the introduction of the third generation Astra. The new Opel won with a majority of votes, receiving 52 percent of the votes.


With the fourth generation, Opel omitted the letter “I” so as not to be confused with the number “1”. Thus, the Astra J, which brought advanced technologies from the successful middle class Opel Insignia to the compact class for the first time, was introduced in 2009. Thanks to the AFL+ headlights, the Astra could see corners, and with its front camera, it could not only recognize traffic signs, but also warn the driver who was at risk of leaving the lane.


Astra K, which is currently on sale, came to the fore with its lighting technology in this adventure. Voted “2016 European Car of the Year”, it was the first car in the compact class to offer adaptive Intelli-Lux LED® Matrix headlights, which had until then been used in the high-end luxury and premium model. The new Astra K also offered an enhanced level of comfort and comfort by offering ergonomic front seats certified AGR (Healthy Backs Campaign). The seats could be upgraded with cooling and massage functions, as in the new Astra today.


It also includes firsts and transition period for the Astra brand in its sixth generation. Now under the umbrella of the PSA group, Opel continues on its way by building Astra on the successful infrastructure of this group. The model, which was developed on the EMP2 platform, as in its cousin Peugeot 308, which made a splash with its change, thus transitions to a top layer that will leave the previous generation behind in terms of lightness and rigidity. Along with the EMP2, a picture in which weapons are strengthened awaits us in the support of technological assistants. With its sixth generation, the Astra will be equipped with hybrid engine technology for the first time. You can find all the details about the new model from our news:

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