Quakecon 2021 may bring news about the original Quake

The calendar for Quakecon 2021 has been released. In the calendar, there is an allusion to a re-enactment of Quake in one of the panels.

Quakecon 2021 will allegedly feature a panel about the original 1996’s Quake. Bethesda released Quakecon 2021 earlier in the day. on your calendar It also features a panel called “Let’s Talk Quake” that will take place on Friday, August 20. In the panel release, the makers of the 1996 original game will get together to talk about what the series meant to them, and they’ll talk about the extra content coming to this “re-enacted” version of the game – according to the script.

Quake for consoles is claimed to be announced at Quakecon 2021

The allegations focus on the possibility of the original Quake coming to the next generation consoles at the Quake fair, just like Doom, which was released again for consoles in 2019. Also, the “Let’s Talk Quake” panel is currently not appearing on the Quake expo calendar, but PC Gamer announced it earlier in the day. caught.

A panel added to the calendar is now “accidentally added!” The fact that it has been removed as if it has been removed, and that Quake’s 25th anniversary will also be celebrated at the game fair, may make Quake/Doom fans expect a remake/console version, just like Doom.

Quakecon 2021 will take place from August 19 to August 22.

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