RAM capacities of iPhone 13 family and new iPads have been announced

Consisting of four different models iPhone 13 The RAM capacities of the family and the new iPads consisting of two different models have been announced.

As you know, Apple never needs to explain the amount of RAM in iPhones. According to the review, iPhone 13 mini and 13 models 4GB of RAM exists. On iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models 6GB of RAM is located. In summary, iPhone 12s and iPhone 13s have the same amount of RAM exists.

RAM values ​​are low compared to the Android side. However, the iOS operating system works differently from Android and has always been running with less RAM since the beginning. Low RAM has no effect in end use or synthetic testing. In other words, a flagship Android phone with 16 GB of RAM does not run faster than an iPhone with 4 GB of RAM.

In the meantime, RAM values ​​for iPads have emerged. Accordingly, the new generation “normal” iPad, 3GB of RAM carrying. In the new generation iPad mini, it is more than the model it replaces. 4GB of RAM Emerges.

All of the products we transfer the RAM values ​​to, except for the normal iPad, are powered by A15 Bionic from the processor. Its performance is essentially not RAM in the iPhone world This powerful processor determines.


How much are the prices of the iPhone 13 family in Turkey?

13 mini:

128GB: 10,999 TL
256GB: 11.999 TL
512GB: 13,999 TL


128GB: 11,999 TL
256GB: 12.999 TL
512GB 14.999 TL

13 Pro:

128GB: 15.999 TL
256GB: 16,999 TL
512GB: 18.999 TL
1TB: 20,999 TL

13 Pro Max:

128GB: 17.999 TL
256GB: 18.999 TL
512GB: 20,999 TL
1TB: 22,999 TL

The battery capacities of the iPhone 13s are among the estimated values

Apple has not been providing this information directly for years, and battery capacities appear a few days after its introduction. However, according to some leaks iPhone 13‌ Pro Max in the model 4,352mAh battery is being used. On 12 Pro Max 3,687mAh battery was included.

According to the same leak, it is common in 13‌ and 13 Pro models. 3,095 mAh battery is included. Here, there is a significant increase compared to 2,815 mAh. The smallest of the family, the 13 Mini, is not 2,227 mAh, unlike the 12 Mini. 2,406mAh it comes with battery.

According to Apple, the 13 mini and 13 offer 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours more battery life, respectively, than the 12 mini and 12 with their efficient processors with their enlarged battery systems.

According to Apple, the 13 pro and 13 Pro Max offer 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours more battery life than the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, respectively, with their efficient processors with their enlarged battery systems.

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