RazerCon is back for Round 2

Get ready for new announcements at RazerCon, the world’s first carbon neutral broadcast event hosted by Gamers, for gamers.

Razer announced today that RazerCon will return on October 21, 2021. Produced by Razer and its partners, the Digital event will be the world’s first completely carbon neutral live broadcast.

RazerCon is back for Round 2

In October 2020, RazerCon’s opening was a huge hit with fans, peaking at 175 million views and over 1 million concurrent viewers, with a combined total of over 250,000 hours of views on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. Following the success of last year’s event, RazerCon 2021 is gearing up to put on an even bigger show than the 2020 edition and remains the entertainment hub for gamers from around the world to celebrate gaming and more.

Viewers will be connected to the Razer ecosystem with insider access to exciting news and exclusive highlights from Razer’s interconnected network of hardware, software and services. Fans will also be offered exclusive previews of upcoming games, surprise guests, impressive sweepstakes and much more. RazerCon 2021, including Razer’s Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok on social networking channels will be published.

The opening speech of the pre-show, which is scheduled to start at 18:00 CET, will begin at 20:00 CEST and will end at 04:00 CEST. In another great build, RazerCon 2021 will feature an exciting array of shows in the following areas:

  • An important keynote from Razer CEO and Co-Founder Min-Liang Tan, filled with exciting announcements and special guest appearances.
  • Introducing groundbreaking new categories from the growing Razer ecosystem.
  • Exclusive demos of Razer products unannounced at panels presented by industry leaders.
  • Announcements from Razer about industry-changing sustainability initiatives and updates from #GoGreenWithRazer.
  • Highly anticipated highlights and exciting revelations from partners like Norton Gaming, Intel, Seagate Gaming, and Microsoft.
  • Exciting previews and game visuals from game studios like Larian Studios, Paradox Interactive, 24 Entertainment, Saber Interactive, ArtCraft, NEOWIZ and Capcom.
  • Finally, it wouldn’t be a celebration without exciting live shows and seeing celebrities from Razer’s extensive network of friends.

“RazerCon; It was born as our way of thanking our fans, partners and all players around the world. Together we advance the industry, develop competitive gaming and redefine entertainment. It’s worth celebrating for me, and at this year’s RazerCon we will do just that and much more,” said Min-Liang Tan, Razer CEO and Co-Founder. “The event will be packed with exclusive announcements, announcements, and the kind of entertainment you won’t want to miss from Razer and our partners, so be sure to stay tuned.”

RazerCon 2021, Your Virtual Destination for Gaming and Entertainment

RazerCon 2021 will offer something for everyone and exciting entertainment designed to keep audiences up to speed. Thanks to supporting partners like game studios Capcom, Tecent and more, gamers can look forward to never-before-seen game previews. The event will also feature longtime friends and rivals CouRageJD and Cloakzy, as well as a chess battle between International Masters Anna Rudolf and Levy Rozman that brings the two continents of the Atlantic ocean together.

Fans can look forward to getting behind the scenes with Miro Shot, known for never-before-seen performances by sketch comedy group Viva La Dirt League and live concert performances using game engines, virtual reality and music. If that’s not enough, players will also be invited to a concert featuring video game artists from around the world, where the audience will put on a show they will never forget. Finally, DJ Soda from South Korea, a fan favorite among the gaming community, will be knocking down the houses and closing the party with a special set just for RazerCon audiences.

Viewers will also be able to participate in many great contests and giveaways to win exciting prizes from Razer and our partners. Fans can now register for the event on the RazerCon website and participate in giveaways leading up to the event.

Carbon Neutral Live Streaming

This year’s RazerCon live stream will be a completely carbon-neutral experience. Razer conducted a projection study to determine the carbon emissions from the audience attending the event. The study looked at the geographic location of the viewers, estimated device power usage, and data transmission over the internet to estimate the amount of carbon emissions the live stream would produce. Razer is committed to offsetting all carbon emissions with the industry’s gold standard Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), enabling the gamer community to connect to the Razer universe in a way that does not harm the world.

Razer held RazerCon for the first time in 2020 to pay tribute to the global gaming community at a time when physical events were not possible. The launch event attracted over one million active viewers and set a whole new standard for online events. This year, Razer continues its line of innovation and raises the bar with carbon-neutral flow.

Attendees will also witness an audio-visual feast to reflect the real RazerCon atmosphere. The event will be powered by reactive Razer Chroma RGB lighting (patent pending), a proprietary RGB lighting technology system containing 16.8 million colors to create endlessly animated lighting effects. Audiences are encouraged to turn on their Razer gear during the show and watch their Razer Chroma-enabled devices sync with the broadcast, especially during musical performances at the end.

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