Rockstar banned the word GTA 6

It turned out that Rockstar Games, which we have been waiting for a new game announcement for a long time, has banned the word GTA 6 from its own channels.

As always, an incredible expectation has arisen with GTA 6, the highly anticipated new game of the series. Rockstar Games, which took a break like never before due to the success of GTA Online, seems to be eating for a long time if we consider the GTA V new generation version. The impatience of the fans and the constant talk of GTA 6 apparently pushed Rockstar employees to take a different decision. According to the news, the company has banned the word GTA 6 from its Youtube account.

Rockstar Games has banned the word GTA 6 on its channel

According to the shares made by some players, Rockstar Games stated that when you write GTA 6 to the videos on the Youtube account, the system automatically removes this word. In this respect Twitter posts Most users who have done it have confirmed the status. But we also see that there are users who comment in the same way and whose comments are not deleted. In our test, we did not see that this word was banned or removed automatically. We can say that this strengthens the possibility that Rockstar Games may have brought a regulation and ban according to the region.

There has been no statement from Rockstar Games yet about GTA 6, which is thought to be under construction. It is thought that the company will not sign the announcement of the game, at least for a while. Considering the difference between their previous announcement and release date, we can think that GTA 6 will be released in 2024 at best, according to the current situation.

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