Samsung Galaxy S22 series will not make a difference in design

Samsung Galaxy S22 Information for the series continues to come. This time, a sharing has been made for the design of the family.

Samsung Galaxy S22 For those who still don’t know the series Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra consists of models.

These models are a solid for Samsung. to the source will take their place Samsung Galaxy S21 They won’t be much different from the series. Accordingly, the selfie camera of the phones is located in a screen hole. At the same time, the rear camera module is prepared in a similar line with the Galaxy S21s.

Previously, the claim of under-screen camera for the Galaxy S22 was put on the agenda, but this was denied. Now, the under-screen camera for the new series is completely shelved. Samsung first used this technology in the Galaxy Z Fold3, and it seems to be exclusive to the Galaxy Z series for the coming period.


The following was the latest agenda for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series

For this family before It was said to be officially launched in January 2022. Now your phones at the end of 2021 It is rumored to be launched. This news is not 100 percent certain, but the company may have such a plan for the Galaxy S series.

Samsung seems to be in a plan to stand out in competition with the iPhone 13s with a possible early introduction, which seems remarkable. Samsung may not want to be late this time, comments are being made.

The family, you remember, was on the agenda with a recent processor news. Accordingly, the phones are sent to European countries, including Turkey. It will be brought with Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU.

In many other markets, the phone Snapdragon 898 will be sold with It is said that the firm model is in every market. Exynos 2200 can’t sell it because it can’t produce enough processors to meet it. In this respect, help Snapdragon 898 running.

Note: Visual representation.

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