Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 undergoes rigorous durability test [Video]

The strongest in the foldable phone market Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, To the rigorous durability test by JerryRigEverything stung.

Turkey price 21,999 TL the one which Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Turkey price 11,999 TL the one which Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, It draws attention as the two models of the company that will be on the shelves in Turkey after September 1st.

Here are the top models Galaxy Z Fold3, It was put to the rigorous durability test by JerryRigEverything and showed what it can do with its new body.

The water-resistant foldable phone, which has been evaluated from many different aspects in this test, is one of JerryRigEverything’s tests. managed to pass well. The device did not experience any major problems even in the bending test.

The hinge is quite durable even against sand, let alone dust. Galaxy Z Fold3It’s the toughest foldable phone Samsung has ever made.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 carries a special display

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, It is the most advanced and capable foldable phone Samsung has ever produced. You know, among the most important features of the model under screen selfie camera and S Pen pen includes support.

As it turns out now, there is also a special on the phone. OLED screen is used. Even directly on this screen “Eco OLED” is called.

It is said that the Galaxy Z Fold2’s screen has a special layer to prevent light reflections. This layer is located between the panel and the UTG glass. Although this layer is beneficial, it also has a negative effect as it reduces light transmission.

new Eco OLED On the other hand, there is no special layer on the screen to prevent light reflections. The company solves this, namely reflections, directly with the newly developed panel coating.

In this way, Galaxy Z Fold3 consumes less energy to reach the brightness produced by Galaxy Z Fold2. Here, Samsung is talking about a 33 percent increase in transmittance and a 25 percent decrease in consumption, which seems important.

Stating that the Eco OLED screen is also important for the under-screen camera, Samsung, He states that with the new infrastructure, the camera sensor can receive better light for selfie photos.

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