Samsung made a sound with its futuristic smart speaker concept [Video]

South Korean tech giant Samsung, to make a sound with a smart speaker model that has attracted attention recently. succeeded.

Samsung, managed to attract attention with the smart speaker, the video of which you can watch above, as part of the Korea Display Exhibition. This futuristic product is not going to be available soon, but it gives a preview of what may appear in the future.

The product, which has a mobile and foldable 12.4 inch screen, can switch from speaker form to tablet form with a single button. The device, which offers form change directly on the smartphone, is built on a flexible OLED screen that almost wraps the body.

The concept device, which can quickly transform between two forms, can become a reality in the future and make any environment it enters much more impressive. Meanwhile, as part of the Korea Display Exhibition LG He also made important appearances. The company introduced a 55-inch transparent OLED display.


Samsung is one of the best names in the market when it comes to screens.

You may remember that the company also put a special screen on the new foldable phone model. As it turns out, the Galaxy Z Fold3 model has a new generation OLED screen is used. Even directly on this screen “Eco OLED” is called.

It is said that the Galaxy Z Fold2’s screen has a special layer to prevent light reflections. This layer is located between the panel and the UTG glass. Although this layer is beneficial, it also has a negative effect as it reduces light transmission.

new Eco OLED On the other hand, there is no special layer on the screen to prevent light reflections. The company solves this, namely reflections, directly with the newly developed panel coating.

In this way, Galaxy Z Fold3 consumes less energy to reach the brightness produced by Galaxy Z Fold2. Here, Samsung is talking about a 33 percent increase in transmittance and a 25 percent decrease in consumption, which seems important.

Stating that the Eco OLED screen is also important for the under-screen camera, Samsung, He states that with the new infrastructure, the camera sensor can receive better light for selfie photos.

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