Searching for transition to comfort; Dacia Duster review [EDC-Otomatik]

Dacia Duster, which has gained the most sought-after EDC automatic transmission with its make-up operation, wants to expand its mass with its new weapon.

Among the brands existing in the Renault group, Dacia’s short-term success is indisputable. The Romania-based manufacturer, which produces products in the price / performance segment, is pushing the top of the bestseller lists almost everywhere in Europe today thanks to its accessible tools. Duster is undoubtedly the flagship of these paintings that make people smile by the brand. Dacia Duster, which has successfully met the needs of users, especially with its 4×4 version, from the moment it entered the segment, gained a more modern identity with the make-up operation it underwent in 2018.

Keeping its momentum after three years, the fact that Duster has achieved sales of nearly 2 million units from the first day to today is also an occasion for the Dacia team to keep the guns up-to-date for this player. With the 2021 model year, the update bells are ringing again, Duster is ready to meet the users with important steps taken in the focus of comfort, this time with a new make-up operation. Keeping its claim even stronger with the long-awaited EDC automatic transmission, Dacia management also dreams of reaching a new user base. It’s time to summarize here what you should expect from the new Duster, where we left behind a road adventure of 2 days and 500 kilometers together during the Turkey launch process.

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