September 2021, PlayStation 5 system update released

The second major PlayStation 5 system update, which has been released since the device’s release, is now available to users.

As of today, the second largest PlayStation 5 system update has been published. The system software update, which has been offered to all PlayStation 5 owners worldwide, as well as various improvements for the PlayStation 5 console experience; It also includes 3D audio support for built-in TV speakers.

September 2021, PlayStation 5 system update released

September, PlayStation 5 system update; It also includes new ‘User Experience’ enhancements that make it easier than ever for gamers to view, customize and manage their game content and console experiences. While the update includes customizable features from the ‘Control Center’ section of the device; Thanks to the improved ‘Game Base’, it allows you to communicate with your friends or parties much more easily. In addition, another feature added to the ‘Game Base’ side of the device is; While viewing the app in full screen, you can see how many of your friends are online, busy, or offline, while accepting or rejecting multiple friend requests at once.

New gameplay and social experience customizations

With the PlayStation Now resolution selector and connection test tool, PlayStation Now subscribers can choose their preferred video resolution for game streaming (720p or 1080p – also depending on the game’s support) and can troubleshoot their connection with the new connection tool. A new type of praise, “Leader”, is where, after an online match, players can reward or receive rewards from others with a fourth type of praise, “Leader”, displayed on their player profile.

September 2021, PlayStation 5 system update released

PlayStation 5 system update Along with this, a new video capture feature called ‘Personal Record’ has been added. A video clip of the action is automatically recorded by the system when players beat challenges for a better time or a high score and achieve a new personal record. Players can also share clips of their personal records directly from the ‘challenge’ button in the Control Center or from their media galleries. The PlayStation 5 system update also includes a feature for Platinum Cup lovers. Along with the new trophy tracker, a new ‘Trophy Tracker’ has been added, where you can quickly access up to five trophies per game via the Control Center.

September 2021, PlayStation 5 system update released

3D audio support for TV speakers

3D audio support with compatible headphones, which PlayStation 5 contains, has become a very popular and appreciated feature among players and developers. The PlayStation team, which has expanded this feature and brought it to the internal TV speakers thanks to the DualSense controller, wants to offer a new 3D sound experience to the players. September, with the PlayStation 5 system update, it’s now possible for gamers to experience 3D audio through the built-in TV speakers. After activating the feature from the sound menu, it aims to make you feel like you are really in the game by transforming the standard two-channel TV speaker sound into three-dimensional sound.

September 2021, PlayStation 5 system update released

It is also stated that gamers can measure the acoustics of the room by using the microphone in the DualSense controller to apply the 3D sound setting specially optimized for their room. Detailed information published on the official PlayStation website system update post You can find it here or check out the YouTube video promoting the update below.

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