Some legal steps came in 0850 number scam

There is a development for the situation that has been bothering almost everyone for a long time. Today, some legal moves came in the 0850 number scam.

As we said above, institutions and people who call from 0850 number and try to sell internet to people annoy everyone. Now, most people do not open 0850 numbers directly because of this situation.

on CNN Turk according to the news To fraudsters trying to sell internet to citizens by calling 0850 lines. While the Ministry of Commerce and the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK) took action against it, the first fines began to be imposed on this issue.

TTNET A.Ş., which uses the Türk Telekom joint brand under the title of “unfair commercial practice”, the Ministry of Commerce. trying to sell the internet of this brand to citizens without any connection with punished two people.

Stating that the calls were made from 0850 lines, the Ministry of Commerce also imposed an administrative fine of 11 thousand 429 liras on individuals engaged in commercial practice.


Even greater measures need to be taken in 0850 number fraud

These numbers do not stop with blocking and they really annoy people. Since most of these systems work automatically, there is no such thing as cancellation. It is also necessary to prevent personal phone numbers from falling into the hands of these fraudsters.

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