Sony announces an intriguing new PlayStation 5 event

Sony is a very interesting game among gamers. PlayStation 5 announcement of the event made.

On September 9, Sony released its next generation game console. PlayStation 5 will organize a special event in focus. This event will last 40 minutes and will feature special announcements and screenings for the future of the new generation.

Specifically at the event PlayStation Studios Information about the games developed by will be given. A new hardware announcement is not expected at the event.

However, we still haven’t seen the PS5-exclusive VR headset itself. The controller is shown but the design of the header is hidden. There is a possibility that there will be a demonstration about it.


PlayStation 5 for the latest The new 300 gram version made a sound

PlayStation 5 The new version prepared for Australia was available for sale. So what was the difference in this version?

The lighter version, up to 300 grams, came with a screw for the stand unit holding the PS5, which didn’t need a screwdriver. Of course, this screw change was not behind the model being 300 grams lighter. According to hardware review The heatsink in the new version is significantly smaller than the first version.

The shrinking of the block has a negative effect of course, and the new version reportedly runs a little hotter, although it reduces the cost. This situation is definitely not expected to cause a major performance problem.

In addition to shrinking the heatsink, it also slightly changed the fan structure, and the new version uses a fan with longer and curved blades. Sony, has not yet made a detailed statement about the new PS5 version and these changes.

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