Splitgate maker aims to be the new Riot Games

Splitgate maker 1047 Games is dreaming of becoming the new Riot Games after the interest from the players and the incredible promises from the investors.

After a 2-year development process, Splitgate, which experienced a player boom this summer, has got its producers very enthusiastic. So much so that the maker of Splitgate, 1047 Games, announced a new version of the game. League of Legends sure to make an impact. Last July, Splitgate’s beta collapsed due to the intensity, and 1047 Games had to increase the capacity of its servers many times over.

Splitgate maker 1047 Games is confident in the game’s potential

Ian Prolux, CEO of 1047 Games, claimed in an interview with TechCrunch that Splitgates will be their own League Of Legends game.

“As a fairly small team with a tight budget, we didn’t do much planning, but there are a lot of possibilities on the table right now.” Prolux said, “When we focus on long-term planning, I think only 25 percent of the game is completed. We may not turn into Fortnite right away tomorrow, but what we need to do now is to set the goal of becoming a new Riot Games.”

For Splitgate, which was designed with the slogan “If Portal meets Halo”, 1047 Games decided to keep the game in beta process until further notice due to the intensity of this summer period. It’s still unclear when the game will be officially released, but according to Ian Prolux, people will catch this type of FPS game called “old school” in the air.

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