Squid Game may be the most popular series content on Netflix [İzle]

Netflix, Squid Game He has a lot of confidence in his new content. All time record with this content Waiting.

You can watch the promotional video above. Squid Game, top level Netflix officials Ted SarandosIt could soon be the platform’s most popular drama content ever, according to a statement. The most popular content that is not filmed in English already Squid Game The company itself states the following:

“Hundreds of money-strapped players accept the odd invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting reward and risk of death await them. The game of life and death begins. I wonder who will survive and win the 45.6 billion won prize?”

The first season of the series can be watched by everyone right now. The first season of the production, which is definitely not suitable for children It consists of nine chapters in total.. Behind the content Hwang Dong-hyuk exists.


Before the Squid Game announcement Netflix showed the most popular

To remember again, the leader of the series side BridgertonIt is seen that 82 million different accounts follow. It is followed by 76 million different accounts in second place. lupine, in the third place with 76 million The Witcher each takes.

On the movie side, it was watched by 99 million different accounts. Extraction ranks first. As additional information, a new movie of this movie is coming soon. Second place with 89 million birdbox, third place with 85 million Spencer Confidential exists.

Subtracting this data from the first 28 days of their release on Netflix and taking into account those who watched the series or movie for only 2 minutes NetflixAs we said above, it continues to make a lot of noise with certain content.

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