Swipe up engine for Instagram Stories is coming to an end

owned by Facebook Instagram, today confirmed yet another change. Swipe-based interaction for external links on Instagram is ending soon.

Instagram last month Started testing link stickers for stories. This is the infrastructure 30 August after that, very, very soon, it will replace the up-scrolling system.

In this way, people will be able to add a link to the Stories they share through a normal sticker. Followers can also connect to the link made through this sticker without logging out of the application. can go.

You know, swipe-up-based external link interaction is not public. Here, more than 10 thousand followers or account approval is needed. Link stickers, on the other hand, seem to be open to everyone. Although not immediately, the company clearly states that the feature will be activated for everyone in the future.


Instagram recently started another important test

Instagram, started to actively test the infrastructure that allows “post”, that is, content sharing, on the website for certain users.

This feature was first introduced in the past few months. Alessandro Paluzzi was found by Last month, the company announced directly to Engadget that they have officially started testing.

Sharing from the web version of course looks very nice. According to previous reports, the company will offer photo filters on the web version as well as on mobile. Of course, video sharing can also be done in the process.

It is thought that Instagram will add shares of other formats to the process in the future. It is still unknown when the process will open to everyone.

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