TEMSA brought its new vehicles to the stage


TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu stated that the world automotive industry is now shaped around smart cities and said:

“Smart cities are also the biggest driving force in the growth of the industry today. It is possible to say that smart cities will completely change the understanding of public transportation in the near future. With this product range we developed as TEMSA, we contribute to smart mobility solutions. At the same time, with our smart city vision that focuses on people. We are working towards a cleaner future.”

Stating that technological developments have led to the transformation of all sectors and the emergence of new business models, Doğancıoğlu emphasized that the convergence between sectors has accelerated.

Doğancıoğlu made the following assessments:

“To be the company of the future, it is necessary to adopt and implement this transformation. Automotive is one of the sectors most affected by this change. Technology and digitalization are reshaping transportation. Customer expectations are rising, competition is increasing, and those who can make a difference stand out. In this process, TEMSA We continue our way as an automotive-focused technology company rather than a technology-oriented automotive company. We now know very well that we need to be not only a bus manufacturer, but also a service provider. Therefore, we initiated a serious technological transformation move within TEMSA and brought TEMSA into one. We designed it as an automotive-focused technology company rather than an automotive company.”


Doğancıoğlu stated that they started to export electric vehicles to different countries, especially Sweden, and pointed out the importance of raising awareness on this issue in Turkey.

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