The “iPhone nano” plan now seen via Steve Jobs

tech giant apple, as we learned from e-mails signed by Steve Jobs, a timely iPhone nano plan made.

apple, In 2011, when Steve Jobs was in charge, there was a real iPhone nano has planned. At that time, the company thought of this model as an affordable option, but it could not go beyond that.

iPod Technology giant Apple, which made a lot of noise for its time and also offered a best-selling “nano” model for sale, failed to do this for the iPhone. The best phone Apple sold at the time iPhone 4 model, and even that phone had a small screen for today.

In this respect, “GWhat would it be like if it came from real?” that asks the question and arouses curiosity iphone nano, It’s probably in the design phase. Because in the e-mails of Steve Jobs, it is written that the phone is or should be shown Jony Ive over the sample models.


The iPhone nano did not come, and the upcoming “mini” iPhone models did not hold up either.

iPhone 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max The 12 mini was by far the least demanded of the iPhone 12 family consisting of models. 12 mini with 5.4 inch screen, clearly It is the family’s lowest seller..

It had emerged in the past months that Apple produced 70 percent less than expected according to the demand from the phone. Then, the production of the phone “earlier than expectedIt was learned that it was completely finished..

You know, the iPhone 13 family in September (iPhone 12s name can also be used) is coming. In this family, too iPhone 13 mini model will be, Apple’s “miniIt is reported that the model will be eliminated in 2022.

Note: Image belongs to iPhone 12 mini.

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