The latest information about the battery capacities of the iPhone 13 series has emerged

iPhone 13 There is very little time left for the introduction of his family. Turkey time today evening 20:00New information has emerged about the battery capacities of the models to be announced within the scope of the event that will start in .

Last shared to the details by iPhone 13 mini 2,406mAh capacity, in iPhone 13 3,095mAh capacity battery. Looking at the Pro models, in the small-screen model 3,095mAh, in the large-screen model 4,352mAhIt is said to use a . In the new models, both the increase in battery capacities and the A15 Bionic The iPhone 13 family is expected to offer a longer battery life with the use of the processor. It is claimed that the new models will also feature reverse wireless charging. Thanks to this feature we see on Android phones, new iPhones AirPods and Apple Watch It can charge devices such as wireless. It is said that Apple, which offers 20-watt charging support in the iPhone 12 family, will increase the charging support to 25 watts in new models. In this way, the phones are also likely to charge faster. As in the iPhone 12 family, the iPhone 13 models also contain the contents of the box. 25 watt the adapter will not come off and users will need to purchase this adapter separately.


The iPhone 13 series will also draw attention with its improved camera capabilities

It is said that larger camera sensors with larger pixels will also be used in the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. In this way, it is stated that users can take better quality shots. It is stated that the new models will also feature an astrophotography camera. In this way, the phone is said to be able to detect the moon and stars and take better photos. This feature is expected to be exclusive to Pro models. We will share all the details about the new models with you this evening.

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