The latest wireless headphones from JBL, Under Armor and The Rock

One of the most famous names of recent years Dwayne Johnson or otherwise known as The Rock for Under Armor a special wireless headphones prepared the model.

expert in sound JBLhardware support and Under Armor new life with signature wireless headphones, completely “UA Project Rock Over-Ear Training Headphonesis referred to as “.

As you can see, the headphone, which is in the form of an overhead and designed specifically for sports on The Rock, in such a way that it will not be affected by sweat, is prepared only in black.

As it will not be a surprise with phones, the headset that communicates via Bluetooth 5, ANC. active noise canceling feature. Stunning with a battery life of 45 hours, the headset brings two hours of listening with a five-minute charge.

With a logo exclusive to The Rock on the outside collapsible model, as far as sound quality Dwayne Johnson by customized. However, this is thought to be just a marketing motto.


Wireless headphones by JBL, Under Armor and The Rock may be sold in Turkey in the future

Like many like 40mm dynamic drivers The headset, which is built on it, allows you to hear the environment better or to talk comfortably without removing it, thanks to the hardware that brings ANC support.

The headset, which we expect to be sold in Turkey in the future, is currently on sale abroad and the price $ 300 level is located.

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