The new discount on gasoline prices was not reflected in the pump again

From the Energy Oil Gas Supply Stations Employer Union (EPGIS) according to the information received gasoline Another price reduction was made.

world oil prices in recent weeks. drop was in question. Energy Oil Gas Supply Stations Employers’ Union (EPGİS) announced a series of news on its social media accounts. Accordingly, an adjustment in gasoline prices took place.

EPGISIn the statement made by; “Special Tax Regulation on Fuel Products to be effective on 21/08/2021 20 KRŞ/LT in gasoline discount has occurred. As the SCT has increased as much as the discount rate due to the existing application, the Esel Mobile System, the pump prices have been increased. there will be no change.” was included.

In addition “Amounts of SCT covered by the state in fuel, after the last SCT adjustments as of the day. Gasoline: 1.47 ( TL/LT ) Diesel: 1.02 ( TL/LT ) LPG Auto gas: 1 ( TL/LT )” statement was also made.


What is the Esel Mobile System for Gasoline?

Esel Mobile System It is a system that started on May 17, 2018 against the increase in fuel prices. Its purpose is to protect users against price hikes. In case of any raise, the SCT amount is reduced in the raise rate.

Thus, the incoming hikes are not reflected to the users. The system ended on January 8 for fuels. However, it was back again in line with the changing prices. It is already present in all types of fuel, including gasoline, diesel and autogas. applied Thanks to this system, sometimes raises and discounts are not reflected in the pockets.

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