The new leader of the Apple Car electric car project has been announced

apple, once again today Apple Car electric car is on the agenda with the news. The car now has a new leader.

Apple Car came to the agenda with the latest production news. In light of what has been gained from the long discussions, Apple He was informed that he wanted to produce his own vehicle. The company “now” aims to be independent in this regard, that is, it does not want to receive support from another automaker. In this way, the technology giant aims to prevent possible delays.

Now there is administrative news. The company hired former Tesla senior engineer Doug Field in August 2018 to lead its first vehicle project, known as Project Titan. However, this adventure came to an end recently. Doug Field left Apple and moved to Ford as a senior executive.

The name that replaced Doug Field was reportedly Kevin Lynch, one of the Apple Watch executives. Lynch, who joined Apple from Adobe in 2013, was already working on the software of the car. Now the entire project will proceed under his direction.


The important steps taken before for the Apple Car electric car were:.

Apple Car electric car model before Ulrich Kranz made a sound with its detail. Electric based at BMW i3 and i8 electric car company working from automobile projects canooone of the founders of Ulrich Kranz, at Apple Apple Car He started working for the project.

Before that, the first vehicle battery production There was some information about it. It has been reported that Apple wants to work with Taiwan-based companies for the battery production of the first vehicle. It was also said that Apple wanted to produce the battery directly in the USA.

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