The special discrimination he wants to make to Google and Netflix is ​​on the agenda

internet giant GoogleThis time, Netflix focused on the Android application market Play Store and the commission it received.

For those who don’t know, let’s summarize once again. Epic Games you remember long ago Fortnite of your game iOS and Android to versions apple and GoogleIt added an alternative payment infrastructure to ‘s established payment systems.

With this alternative infrastructure, Epic Games violated both Apple’s and Google’s market rules. That’s why before apple, later too Google Removed Fortnite from official app stores.

Apple and Google want developers to use their own payment systems for in-app purchases, while Epic Games is using their payment system. 30% commission deduction therefore opposes this process.

Here’s to those who don’t accept it Netflix There are names like According to the official documents that have emerged, Google and Apple did not want to lose Netflix, or rather the huge income from Netflix.

You may remember that in the past months, it was revealed that Apple offered to reduce the commission it received in order to keep Netflix on the platform. A similar one for Google. on the agenda. It turned out that Google made a special offer to the company in order to keep Netflix, that is, the large commission income from Netflix.

This offer is fully Reducing the 30% commission amount received. However, Netflix did not accept this and began to receive payments from its own site, not from Apple’s and Google’s systems. The company still works this way.

Of course, this situation attracts reactions because it is unfair to other application developers. Many companies, especially Spotify, are very angry about this issue. Google and Apple are fighting many legal battles on this very issue.


Elon Musk also made a comment on these Google and Apple-centered issues.

He made a statement on Twitter last month. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Muskstated that he found Epic Games right in the process with Apple. Musk directly stated that he opposes Apple’s App Store commission cut.

The legal battle between Apple and Epic Games still continues. We look forward to seeing what results both Apple and Epic Games will get from this war.

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