The toilet problem in the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission became the agenda

SpaceX, With his Inspiration4 mission, he took civilians into space for the first time and managed to bring these people back without any problems. Now there is new information on this subject.

It was the first time to carry civilians, not astronauts, into space, and was a pioneer in this regard. SpaceX, for a total of four Inspiration4 He truly made history with his mission.

For those who do not know about this task, you can see below Jared Isaacman, Hayley Arceneaux, Chris Sembroski and Dr. Sian Proctor stepped into space. Having circled the Earth three times, the crew returned to Earth in the morning and made a smooth landing.

Elon Musk stated that they had a problem with the toilet in space, but did not give details about this historical mission. For the problem in the tip of the Dragon capsule called “Cupola” Jared Isaacman gave information.

A fan in the toilet inside the Crew Dragon to Isaacman exists. The task of this fan is to create a draft due to the zero gravity environment and ensure that the excrement goes to the right place. During the mission, exactly this fan broke down, which caused the security alarm to sound.

To solve this toilet problem SpaceX contacted by Isaacman, Despite serious communication interruptions, it managed to solve the problem to a certain extent. Here, in fact, serious communication interruptions, which are more than toilet failures, have drawn attention.

Because it could have been worse and the team SpaceX Even though they were educated, they could lose their lives because they could not communicate with him.


SpaceX Inspiration4 There is also a special Netflix content for the mission

It will cover the introduction, body and conclusion parts of the task. Netflix a signed “Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission To SpaceIt is highly recommended that you watch the documentary. Details of the documentary Countdown in Turkish: Inspiration4 Space Mission here is located. For now, the pre-mission parts are in front of us.

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