The trailer for the third season of Narcos: Mexico, whose release date has been announced, is on the air [Video]

Netflix, shared the trailer for the third season of Narcos: Mexico. 5 NovemberThe series, which was announced to be broadcast in , will appear with its last season. As the LOG team, we are eagerly awaiting the new season of the series, which is announced to have 10 episodes in total.

The third season follows the outbreak of war after Felix’s smuggling empire crumbles. Diego Luna will not be in the last season of the series, where we will witness a war that will change Mexico and drug trafficking forever. Diego Luna As known Felix GallordoIt brought his story to life. Gallordo, nicknamed El Padriono, had shaped the Guadalajara Cartel in the 1970s. Gallordo, a convicted Mexican drug lord who controls all drug trafficking, has been arrested for the murder of drug-fighting agency (DEA) agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, who was tortured to death on one of his farms.


Narcos: Mexico’s new season is eagerly awaited

Returning to the new season, the newly independent cartels struggle to survive political turmoil and escalating violence in the third season, which will feature Scoot McNairy as DAE agent Walt Breslin. In the new season, we expect action-packed scenes as in previous seasons. It is unclear whether Netflix will produce a new Narcos production after Narcos: Mexico. You can watch the trailer of the 3rd season of the Mexico series from the entrance of the news.

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