The Witcher Ronin kickstarter project raises $800,000 in donations

The Witcher Ronin kickstarter campaign, launched by CD Projekt for the new Witcher manga, garnered a donation that exceeded the company’s expectations.

Announced at WitcherCon, the manga The Witcher Ronin Kickstarter project, which is about a completely alternative story, ended with a donation that far exceeded the expectations of the producer company CDPR. The project collected 800 thousand dollars in donations in a short time. Users who donate to The Witcher: Ronin kickstarter project, launched in early September, will receive various special editions depending on the amount of donation.

With The Witcher Ronin kickstarter project, many times more than the targeted donation amount was collected

CD Projekt Red, The Witcher twitter In the statement published on his account, it was stated that the targeted donation amount for The Witcher: Ronin was collected in only 2 hours and 16 minutes, and the total donation was 750% more than the company’s target. Within the scope of Kickstarter, bonuses such as editions with different cover designs and extra short stories will be sent to donors.

CDPR explains why they launched a Kickstarter fundraiser despite being a millionaire gaming company:

“We wanted to see if this new concept Ronin and I applied to The Witcher would be of interest to fans of the series. Support for the manga meant we could bring in more great cartoonists to draw for this comic.”

It remains to be seen why a millionaire firm “needs” Kickstarter, despite CDPR’s statement, “We wondered how much the project would attract.” Of course, the fans of the series did not hesitate to show their love – worth 800 thousand dollars.

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