They stole $600 million worth of cryptocurrency and returned half of it

A group of hackers who attempted to steal cryptocurrencies worth more than $600 million returned more than half of the money.

A hacker group, with an operation they started on August 10, “blockchainA huge platform that allows shopping between Poly Network They managed to steal $610 million worth of cryptocurrencies from the site. But at the end of the event, they had to return more than half of it because they couldn’t spend the money.

Hacker group signed a historic heist but couldn’t spend a penny

Poly Network is a platform that allows mutual exchange between different blockchains by removing intermediaries, also called brokers, in financial transactions. This means that different crypto users can exchange money. For instance; An Ethereum Coin user can transact with a Bitcon user via Poly Network. In summary, hackers are said to have earned millions of dollars by manipulating these material transactions and collecting tens of different cryptocurrencies to 3 different digital addresses.

Poly Network took the incident to Twitter after the robbery was noticed, asking the thieves to return the money. Not content with that, the site has stolen all the digital wallet addresses of hackers. by revealing asked crypto miners and users to blacklist these addresses. Thus, hackers who stole $610 million lost their chance to spend the money in any way.

By Thursday, August 12 Poly Networkannounced that $342 million was returned by hackers. $268 million worth of Ethereum coins have not yet been returned.

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