This is exactly how Tesla manufactures its vehicles at its Chinese factory [Video]

One of the most important names in the electric car market, Tesla, this time with the videos shared specifically for the Chinese factory on the agenda.

Tesla you know “Giga ShanghaiIt owns a China-based automobile manufacturing factory named ”. How are the company’s vehicles produced in this factory? The answer to this is given by the newly released videos below.

In these videos, the production, quality control and testing processes of the company are actively displayed. Like its other factories, Giga Shanghai also uses robots seriously. TeslaOf course, it also uses personnel seriously in production.

The company, which previously wanted to build the process entirely on robots, but had major problems in this regard, now effectively brings robots and humans together.


The company will also launch the Tesla Cybertruck model on the roads next year

Its design is still seriously debated when seen cybertrucks, When it was first introduced, it was announced that it will hit the roads at the end of 2021. However, no Tesla vehicle could leave the factory on the promised date.

this is the situation Cybertruck It was also reported that the vehicle was postponed to 2022. A clear date is not given here for now, but it does not seem very likely that the vehicle will be given to those who bought it at the beginning of 2022.

It is not known exactly what is behind this officially shared delay. However, there are comments that the global chip crisis and coronavirus may have pushed the plans back.

In the company’s product range Cybertruck must be sold in addition to the model Tesla Semi and Tesla Roadster models are also available. Active production work continues for them as well.

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