This is how Oppo A74 hides its users


Oppo’s A74 model attracts attention with its design, charging, camera features and performance, while protecting your photos, files or mobile applications that you do not want others to see, and also ensures your safety in situations that require urgent help.

With the App Lock on the A74, you can password protect your smartphone when you need to give it to someone or when you don’t want others to access your apps. While preventing others from accessing these files, you can keep your private photos, videos and documents with OPPO’s Private Vault.

If there is an emergency that threatens your physical security, A74 also offers you the All Emergencies SOS feature. By pressing the power button five times in a row, you can quickly find a line to reach numbers that offer emergency services, send an SOS signal, see pre-set emergency details, and turn your smartphone into a pager.

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