This is how the brand’s first foldable Honor Magic Fold might look like

The first foldable phone model signed by Honor, one of the prominent companies of the smartphone market Honor Magic Fold for the design may be clear.

Samsung, Huawei and XiaomiOne of the big companies that will enter the foldable phone market after honor it will be.

As reported by the company Honor Magic Fold A foldable phone will be coming. to the market Honor Magic X The intriguing device, which is also likely to appear under the name 2021 fourth quarter will be showcased in

So what will the model be like? According to a solid source for the firm Magic Fold or Magic X can directly move the design on the page. So the phone is clear Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold and Galaxy Z Fold can use the line of the series.

The phone, whose technical details are not yet known, is 99 percent likely to power up. Snapdragon 888 Plus from the processor and Honor Magic3 It will use a camera system from the series.


While the Honor Magic Fold is curious, the company may be waiting for hard days

Now Huawei unrelated to honor, despite this, he is put on the target board through his old company. As you know, Honor’s new products have Android licenses. In other words, Google services and services and the Play Store application market work smoothly on new devices.

However, there are those who do not want this. As it turns out, a group of US politicians, He wants Honor to be included in the banned list, which includes Huawei. ”

affiliated with the Chinese state”, the company with unfilled opinions, was created by the group we are talking about right now. United States Department of CommerceComplaining to . It is still unknown how the United States Department of Commerce will respond to these complaints.

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