Toyota becomes the new owner of the remarkable Renovo Motors company

One of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers toyota, Renovo Motors, which made a sound with the drifting DeLorean MARTY took.

Directly Toyota not giant manufacturer’s subsidiary company Woven Planet Holdings purchased by Renault Motorsis a company that develops autonomous driving systems in the field.

Giant manufacturer, which attaches great importance to the future of autonomous driving systems and driverless cars, Renault Motors and his team has strengthened his hand in this regard like never before.

He has been working for many years and has contributed to many driverless car projects. Renault Motors for Woven Planet Holdings In other words, how much was paid through Toyota is not yet known. However, the figure is not expected to be very high.


under the roof of Toyota Supported by Renovo MotorsHere are the things to know about the autonomous DeLorean MARTY that can rift:

Stanford University in 2015 MARTY autonomous, that is, driverless, which they call DeLorean appeared with the model. The legendary car made famous in the movie Back to the Future DeLoreanThe , which was completely electrified by the teams, was equipped with many electronic systems, cameras and sensors.

MARTY, whose production purpose was to test how autonomous vehicles, that is, self-driving vehicles, would behave at the limits, could only drift where it was when it first came out.

the vehicle later Renault Motors seriously developed with the support and MARTY it has become truly flaming.

To show this, I even posted the video below. StanfordIn this video, MARTY had revealed the last point reached. Capable of biasing human sensitivity and sustaining it for a long time autonomous vehicleOf course, it is not developed for “entertainment” purposes. The company develops this sensitive control infrastructure for emergencies and slippery floors.

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