Turkcell establishes a new generation software company


According to the statement made by Turkcell, the company will contribute to Turkey’s vision of raising a technology-oriented competent workforce, which is one of its strategic priorities; will serve with new generation working, learning and development models.

Turkcell continues to contribute to Turkey’s digital transformation with its investments. Turkcell, Turkey’s leading technology company with more than 1300 R&D engineers, has launched a mobilization in the software industry for Turkey to take an offensive.

Having signed a new initiative to develop innovative products and solutions in the field of software, Turkcell will also support the increase of Turkey’s trained manpower in the field of software.

The newly established company will develop software products and services for Turkcell and its subsidiaries, as well as for domestic and international customers.

“Let’s grow Turkey’s technology ecosystem efficiently together”


Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan, whose views were included in the statement, stated that digitalization offers great opportunities for everyone and said:

“Today, in addition to digitalization, there is a new world and a new economy transforming with technology in the world. We believe that in order to be ahead of the competition in this age, we believe that one of the most important fields should be focused on software. we are establishing a new company to make an effective contribution.We are launching a local and national software campaign to invest more in Turkey’s own resources in the field of software and to support the employees in this field. In this way, we are starting a new generation working, learning and development models in our country, and more in the field of technology. In line with this goal, we would like to call on everyone who wants to develop their career in software and add value to the country, let’s support the technology-oriented competent workforce in our country and grow Turkey’s technology ecosystem efficiently together. “

According to the information given, Atilla Yıldız, who has undertaken various managerial duties in the Information and Communication Technologies function at Turkcell since 2000, will be the general manager of the new software company to be established by Turkcell.

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