Turkey date given for Renault Express Combi and Express Van

It’s time to remember the official features for Renault Express Combi and Express Van, which are announced to be added to the lists with the Turkey launch next month.

It is time to hit the roads of Turkey for the Renault Express family, which was introduced in the first quarter of 2021. As part of the first information shared by official sources today, the family, which we see will be included in the lists with Combi and Van body types, will be on sale as of the last week of next month. We will be sharing the latest developments within the scope of the event for Renault Express Combi and Express Van, which will be presented with price, equipment and engine options with the Turkey launch to be held on September 21.


Highlights for Renault Express Combi and Express Van

The Kangoo family, which gained a new generation with the 2021 model year in its adventure that started in the late 90s, is divided into versions such as Express and Express Van. The technical characteristics of these versions, which serve according to their intended use, are largely close to each other.


The completely new Express Van meets all the basic needs of businesses. The Express Van comes with a length of 4.39 m, a loadable floor space of 1.91 m and a 716 mm wide sliding side door. With its useful dimensions, it offers a maximum load carrying capacity of 780 kg in the gasoline version and 650 kg in the diesel version. In the cockpit of the Express Van, there is a 48-liter cockpit storage space. In Europe, the new Express Van offers consumers a choice of 1.5 Blue dCi 75 hp and 95 hp diesel engines, as well as a 1.3 liter TCe 100 hp gasoline engine combined with a 6-speed manual transmission. We expect to see these engines in the lists for the Turkish market. Smart electronic support systems added to the family will also bring a technology that will not look like passenger models, as in other names in the class.

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