Turkey possible OnePlus 9 RT for the price and features appeared

OnePlus, one of the remarkable names of the smartphone market, you know. OnePlus 9 working on it. Here is your model leaked properties;

Now officially OnePlus’ new model in Turkey OnePlus 9when we mix old and new information October per month Android 12 on the basis of OxygenOS 12 will be available for sale.

OnePlus 9 RT, It is built on a 6.55 inch FHD+ 120 Hz AMOLED (Samsung E3 panel) display, Snapdragon 870 from the processor and 65W fast charging supported 4.500mAh it comes with battery.

Its design is not expected to be much different from OnePlus 9 9 RTs, behind 50 megapixels (IMX766) main + 16 megapixels (IMX481) ultra wide angle + 2 megapixels He brings his cameras together. In front of the model 16 megapixels (IMX481) It has a selfie camera.

Let’s come to the leaked prices. If the sources are right, the phone will be available with three different RAM + Storage and the figures $465, $501 and $555 will be level.


Before the OnePlus 9 RT, the company offered the normal series for sale in Turkey.

OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro Sales in a major sales channel started last month. your phones OnePlus Guaranteed Turkey prices 256 GB storage 9 Pro 5G for 14,499 TL was determined as.

Regular with 128GB storage 9 5G If the number to be given is 11,499 TL was determined as. One of the latest models offered by the company with an official guarantee. OnePlus Nord N10 5G had happened. Its Turkey price and details are directly here is located.

Note: Visual representation

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